Expert’s Advice In Case Of A Boiler Problem

The worst thing that could happen when the temperature is in the negative degree is for the boiler to break down and leave you in the cold. The only thing you know is to find a company that services boiler repairs but, according to Steve Baker who is a plumber, the most common reason why people call their company for repair is because the condensates have frozen. This is due to the cold weather, obviously.

He shared about a little tip through his Facebook page which every homeowner should keep in mind. The first thing is to get boiling water and pour it over the condensate pipe which is located outside of the boiler. The next thing to do is to see where the pipe ends and inspect for any signs that ice might be accumulating at that point.

After doing these things, it is time to reset the boiler system. He is hoping that this little trick he shared will be able to help homeowners save money from calling a professional company as well as suffering from the cold.

Many people are grateful about his post and they have shared it to their own Facebook pages in order to let others know. There are comments saying that what he did is not only kind but also honest considering he is in the business and needs customers. According one comment from a Facebook user, he believes that the plumber is an honest man who does not want to rip off homeowners with their hard-earned money.

Aside from the post, Steve also shared other helpful tips for homeowners regarding their boilers and how to prevent it from crashing down during the winter. Apparently, it is important that the radiators should be freed of air regularly. One warning sign is if the central heating is not longer keeping the house as warm as before. This happens when air bubbles are present inside the system and bleeding can solve the problem. After bleeding, Steve said that the boiler should be topped up once more to the ideal pressure indicated by the manufacturer. Homeowners who need boiler repairs or unsure about what to do are advised to call a professional for help.