Euroblech Celebrates Innovation

Euroblech 2018 saw joyful faces recently at the Convention Center of the Hanover Exhibition Grounds, as the jury, consisting of editors from Blechnet and Maschinenmarkt, two sister magazines, selected the best of the best the industry offers in seven categories, from the latest in pressbrake upgrade, to automation.

The categories for the awards, each with 3 nominees, are:

  • Automation and Handling;
  • Components & Tools;
  • Forming and Stamping Technology – Machining Equipment;
  • Joining Technology;
  • Separation Technology, and;
  • Surface Technology.

Forming and Stamping Technology – Machining Equipment saw G+K Umformtechnik and their double-column deep-drawing press with impact function. Dubbed the “H VZ 60”, combining bending, embossing, deep-drawing, stamping and impact function, the first in a hydraulic system, beating out Feintool’s fine blanking press “FB One”, and Coast One Oy’selectric press brake upgrade with their “Bull 15”.

Bosch Rexroth won forming and punching components and tools, beating out Otto Bihler’s standardized tool kit, dubbed the “Leantool progressive compound system”, and Fibro’s “lower part premium gate valve”. Bosch’s entry is the “Cytro Box”, a hydraulic power pack for presses, a component that provides manufacturers with the use of hydraulic drives with an efficient and space-saving package. This unit is fit in a switch cabinet, and can be installed quickly and easily in currently existing production lines, even if space is lacking.

Bystronic’s fully automated Bending Cell beat out Trumpf’s “Track&Trace” cyber physical indoor localization system, and Fährenkämper’s “Line Stretch One”, a wrapping machine, with two opposing linear systems. Bending Cell is a complete automation solution for handling bending sheet metal, providing 24/7 unmanned production.

Bystronic, meanwhile, did not win in the cutting technology category, as Amada’s “Ventis-3015AJ” took the award. The machine allows for cutting quality on par with that of a CO2 laser, while also allowing for increased processing speed.

Other winners were VSM and their “VSM Ilumeron” in Surface Technology, which allows for very high gloss levels, and extremely fine and constant surface production with low tolerance. Trumpf won in the category of Measuring and Testing Technology with their “Active Speed Control” sensor, that monitors cutting via directly looking into the laser cut itself through the cutting nozzle, allowing for real time monitoring and adjustments in the process, increasing productivity.