Employees At A Luxury Rehab Centre Face Money Woes After Issues With Payroll And Benefits

On April this year, luxury rehab center NuVista Living had a meeting with their employees in an effort to assuage growing concerns regarding held back or bounced cheques.

Problems with the Payroll

The management of the luxury rehab center explained that there was a shortfall from one of their investment partners, coupled with the delayed payment from Medicare, and these were the primary reasons why they had problems in the payroll.

Elizabeth Fago

Fago, the chairwoman of NuVista, lives in a $7 million home in Jupiter. The very fact was a stark contrast to the employees, some of whom are nursing assistants who didn’t earn much in the field. She encouraged them to form a circle and pray.

Fago was once a national nursing home magnate. Aside from NuVista, she also established a $75 million assisted living and rehab facility in her neighborhood. Called the Institute for Healthy Living, the facility also offers a memory center for people dealing with brain and memory disorders, and has research linkages with Scripps in Florida.

On the other hand, the payroll company which she owns with her son Paul Walczak, owes the IRS $8.3 million for back payroll taxes. A spokesperson from NuVista has given a statement, saying that the payroll and issues regarding the compensation are currently under review. However, they did not explain as to when the said review would be over. However, its investors are mostly getting paid, around $24 million since three years ago, according to records.

Life for the Employees

The facility employs 400 full and part time workers. The growing concern has been a long standing issue among them, with their pay checks not coming in on time on some instances within the last six months. The employees have also expressed that they had to check with their insurance company before going to the doctor because their health-care premiums weren’t being paid on time as well. Despite these problems in their payroll and benefits, they have to continue working, and provide care and support to their patients.

“Our Hometown, Our Community”

Walczak has said that they are providing a different kind of health care at Palm Beach County–one that prioritizes quality over quantity. He says that it benefits not only the patients, but everyone: “our hometown, our community.” They remain hopeful that the issues would be resolved soon.