Effective Way Of Fixing A Faulty Boiler Due To Subzero Temperature

One of the most dreaded situations of every homeowner is their boiler breaking down while the temperature dips down to subzero level. This means contacting your trusty boiler service company by visiting its new website that moved here but before doing so, reading this article might give you an idea of what to try first. If the trick works, you are more likely going to have heating and use hot water faster compared to calling for an appointment. Furthermore, doing the trick successfully means you won’t have to pay for the boiler service repair.

This neat trick will help you have your boiler running within 10 seconds without having to call your plumber for an emergency. The first thing you have to do is not panic because, according to experts, majority of the time faulty boilers during the freezing season can be remedied with a simple trick which does not require the expertise of a professional plumber.

Based on data recorded by plumbing companies that conduct emergency repair services during freezing months, the most common cause is brought about by the white plastic pipe that is jutting outside of the boiler. This same pipe, called the condensate pipe by those who are familiar, goes through an external wall which often freezes. Your suspicion is true if you hear a gurgling noise that is coming out of the boiler or if you see water leaking out of it. The good news is that the solution is fairly simple.

There are a number of ways to deal with condensate pipe that has frozen over. The first one is by using hot water but not boiling water. Pour this onto the pipe’s end where the freezing occurred. The second way is to use a heat wrap or a hot water bottle. Make sure that it is wrapped around the condensate pipe to melt the freezing water. Make sure that there is no insulation preventing the ice inside the thawing.

Once this is done, resetting the boiler might be helpful before operation. In case the boiler is not working using the trick, contact a reliable boiler service company that moved here to set an appointment with a professional that can conduct the inspection and repair.