Different Types Of Stone Tiles That Are Best Suited For Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen is an important and central part of the house. Homeowners now-a-days prefer to show off their modern and sleek kitchens. A well designed kitchen not only provides a warm place to hone your cooking skills but also improves the resale value of the property.

Flooring is an important aspect, when it comes to the kitchen design. There are a number of options for kitchen flooring, such as vinyl, wood, cork and stone. Most of the interior designers and homeowners prefer natural stone kitchen tiles over other varieties because of the durability and attractiveness of stone tiles. Some of the popularly used stone tiles are


Granite is a durable and attractive natural stone. Granite is widely used as countertops and kitchen platforms. Granite can also be used as stone kitchen tiles as it can be used to match with the other aspects of the kitchen. Granite is easy to clean and maintain. However, it is very heavy and you should check the ability of the building to carry granite flooring before installing the tiles.


Limestone provides a rustic and unique look to the kitchen. It is suitable for traditional kitchens. Limestone is porous and should be sealed properly. Homeowners should select limestone kitchen tiles of the right density and should apply the protective seal at regular intervals to protect the attractiveness of the tiles.


Marble offers a classy and chic look to the kitchen. Marble tiles are naturally cool and resistant to heat. However, marble is a very porous stone and tends to stain and chip easily. Homeowners using marble stone kitchen tiles should get them installed by professional technicians and must clean the tiles regularly using specialist products. Marble tiles tend to get slippery which may prove to be a hazard.


Slate flooring offers a rustic and industrial look to the kitchen. Slate tiles match well with wooden cabinets in natural and light colours. Slate flooring gives a natural look to the kitchen. This flooring is stain resistant and is non-slip.


Travertine is the best material for stone kitchen tiles as it is durable, easy to clean and looks attractive. Natural looking travertine flooring is suitable for open floor kitchens and gives it a sleek and contemporary look.