Different Types Of Office Desks

Office desks are an important piece of office furniture. There are a number of different styles in office desks to suit the different spaces in the office. Office desks are available in a range of materials, like steel, glass, wood and teak. Choosing the right office desk helps you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the office and also provides comfortable working space for the employees.

The cost of office desks depends on its function, size, material and design. Consult a reputed dealer for office furniture in New Zealand, to shop for office desks for different functions. Some of the common types of office desks are

Computer desk

As the name suggests, these desks are for placing computers. These desks are available in a number of shapes and sizes. Some desks have a single surface to place the computer and its accessories while others have multiple compartments for different accessories. Modern computer desks can be adjusted to suit the type of computer and to match the requirements of the user.

Reception desk

Reception is the first point of contact for visitors. The reception should be classy and welcome the visitors. The reception desk is specifically designed for the reception areas in the office. These desks are available in a huge array of designs and shapes. Visit a reputed dealer for office furniture in New Zealand, to shop for reception desks in different materials.

Executive desks

These desks are designed for employees of the office. The desks are ergonomic and offer ample storage space. Executive desks are available in a lot of variations like, co-working desks, height adjustable desks etc.

U shaped desks

These desks are for multi-tasking employees. These desks are in U shape and take up a lot of space and hence are suitable for only large offices. U shaped desks are mostly used by senior managers as it provides them with ample space and privacy.

L shape desks

L shaped desks have more storage options. These desks have a number of drawers to store files, folders and other paper work. L shaped drawers are also huge and take up a lot of space. Visit a reputed dealer for office furniture in New Zealand to buy L shaped and other desks for your office.