Construction Of Phuket Flyovers To Wait One More Year

Two flyovers have been proposed in Phuket and these are to be constructed in Thepkrasattri Rd but it might have to wait another year because of a formal protest that recently happened. There are many constructions before such as Novotel in Phuket but none gathered as much opposition as this one. This is because of the flyovers to be constructed is located within one kilometre of a historical site.

The budget for the two flyers is 200 million baht and both are going to be constructed in mid-air with U-turns in order for the traffic going north to be able to go back south without hassle and without causing delays to the remaining motorists.

One of the flyovers is to be constructed close to the Yee Teng mansion which is located in Koh Kaew. The second flyover is proposed near Mu Dok Kaeo which is in the northern part of Thalang Town.

The latest progress report indicated that the construction has been delayed because 20 of the remaining landowners did not agree to sell their plot of land which is near the road where the project is to be constructed. Before the year ends, it is expected that a Royal Decree is going to be handed down for the government to legally acquire the land.

While overcoming that hurdle, another one presents as many of the local residents are opposed since one of the flyovers will be construction close to a historical site in Koh Kaew. This important detail was not discussed and reported in the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment.

Mr. Somwang Lohanut, the chief of Phuket Highways Office, said that they were oblivious to the fact and they were only given the information when the project has already started rolling. Now they are compiling a new EIA in order to follow the requirement of the law.

The residents did not oppose with construction of Novotel in Phuket and other buildings because they are not a threat to historical sites but this one is close to home therefore they are adamant to protect it. Authorities are now looking for a solution to this problem but for now the construction was delayed.