Choosing Tips For International School In Bangkok

Your child’s education is one of the most important aspects of your family life. By providing high quality education to your children, you are giving them the chance to make it big in the outside world. To give your children the chance to excel in the future, consider enrolling them in an international school in Bangkok where their personality and academic development will be fully developed. When choosing a school, consider the following ideas.

Well-balanced curriculum

One of the important aspects to check is the school curriculum and even their prospectus. The curriculum should be supportive to foreign students especially among those who come from countries that do not speak English. Find out if the curriculum is adherent to international academic standards based on US and UK international baccalaureate.


Foreign students can come and go at any time within the academic year. Look for an international school in Bangkok that offers flexibility in such a way that they can accommodate students at any point. They should have an adaptable program for students who may enrol at the later part of the academic year. Students have varied learning needs and abilitiesand the school should be ready to manage it accordingly.The international school should also have a liberal approach on varied philosophies especially on religion and cultural differences.

Proper license and credentials

Another point of consideration is the license of the school. It should have proper and valid license to operate as an international academic institution. Find out if the academic units earned by your child in your previous country will be credited at your prospect international school. You might also want to check the qualifications of the teachers of the international school in Bangkok that you target. They should have the proficiency to teach ESL/EFL (English as Second/Foreign Language) along with expertise in other subjects. Check the student-teacher ratio to ensure that your child will be enrolled in a class with conducive size. The location of the school is also important to check including its accessibility and safety. Find out if the school has security personnel, nurses and emergency exits in its structures.