British Columbia Arborists Rescue Stuck Cat

An arborist, known with other names such as tree surgeon, tree lopper or arboriculturist, is someone who handles the study of trees, shrubs and other such similar foliage. Their paradigm focuses on the status of individual specimens, which is their most notable attribute. The scope of their specialization separates them from foresters and loggers, both of which are very similar. The key thing to remember is that, when you need to handle one tree with the utmost precision, an arboriculturist is the one you need.  You don’t call All Trees Perth if you’re looking to clear a forest.

Imagine then, when arboriculturists in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada, were called upon to handle an emergency in a neighborhood, with a rather feline issue. A stray orange cat, far too adventurous for its own good, climbed up an 80-ft tall tree sometime Tuesday this week, and was promptly stuck in the vegetation for 2 days. Local residents, fearing for the feline’s state, called local authorities, including police and animal control. Local man, Andrew Dunn, discovered the cat when he shone his flash light onto the tree, only to discover a pair of eyes glaring in return.

In response to calls from locals, arborists offered their services. With one particularly daring individual, an arborist by the name of Mike, managing to finally save the feline with some assistance from the local District of Saanich workers. The arborist climbed the tree, and, after half an hour of effort, the cat was secured in the arborist’s backpack and brought down to ground level safely.

Another resident, a local woman, by the name of Lidia D’Angelo, brought the cat to the Victoria branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which will provide a comfortable home for a cat, who braved below-zero nights, for the time being. As per SPCA procedure, if the owner does not claim the feline in four days, he will be set for adoption the following week.

An honorable mention to the arborists of Saanich, who helped to ensure the cat’s safety. Whilst you can call All Trees Perth for a similar emergency, we recommend calling the police and animal control first.