Bond Vote In Norwich Scheduled In May

The Selectboard has put to a vote the decision of holding a special Town Meeting in Norwich, a decision that came in as a surprise after it won the voting 3-2. The meeting will focus on the requests for two bonds that will cover the refurbishment of the facilities of public work offices as well as police and fire stations, though in a scaled-down level.

The special meeting was set by the Selectboard this coming May 12 and the town will vote for the bond that amounts to $2.8 million. The cash will be used renovating the facilities of police and fire stations and public work offices. The bond has a supplementary article that tackles another $211,000 which will be used for the solar source which the police and fire department will both benefit from.

Last month, another bond article was posted for $3 million but it was denied after the voting at the Town Meeting.

Those board members who are in favor are Christopher Ashley, Layton and Steve Flanders and they have also set in motion the special Town Meeting. The opposition consists of Dan Goulet and Linda Cook, the Selectboard’s chairman.

The proposal by the board will include a one-story facility for the fire and police department which will be located in downtown Norwich, a storage shed with an area of 60 by 100 and public works garages will also be expecting roof repairs. The refurbishment of the emergency services will amount to around $2.11 million while it will cost around $695,000 to improve public works facilities.

Layton revealed that her decision to vote in favor is because her involvement will ensure that the Vermont Municipal Bond Bank will give the project a favorable rate when it comes to interest. This could come in handy since prices are expected to rise this coming summer season as soon as the rates of Federal Reserve are also increased. A statement from Flanders pointed out the increase in interest rate of 4% which the Selectboard is expecting but the actual figure turns out to be 3.1%.

Layton also shared that her decision was influenced by residents, who are in favor of the renovation, that are present in the said meeting.