Best Ways To Keep Your Gold Coast Solar Panel In Excellent Condition

There are many reasons to choose solar power on the Gold Coast. The most vivid are the optimal conditions available. The location boasts 300 days a year and you know what that means? A steady supply of solar radiation. This is a great farm to harvest free energy. To effectively utilize this abundance of solar energy, it is necessary to keep your Gold Coast solar panel in good condition. Proper cleaning and servicing are the regular maintenance operations you need.

There are professionals available to cater for your Gold Coast Solar Panel. Attempting cleaning on your own may expose you to avoidable hazards such as electric shock, falling from a high level above the ground due to slippery surfaces and burns from hot solar panels. Read on to understand how to go about your Gold Coast Panel servicing.

How Often Should I Clean?

Gold Coast solar panels should be cleaned every quarter or once in six months depending on the location. If it is installed close to the ocean, the high amount of moisture and salt water in the atmosphere may facilitate damage to the panels. Quarterly cleaning should be done in this kind of situation. For other locations close to a factory or where there is a high amount of debris in the environment, cleaning should be scheduled for every six months.

Annual Servicing

This is general for every Gold Coast solar panel. The performance decreases with time because of dirt that has clogged photovoltaic modules, disconnected, damaged or corroded cables and connectors and loose couplings.

Preventive Maintenance

To safeguard your equipment from future damage, there are preventive measures that must be taken even when your Gold Coast solar panel is working at an optimal level. This should be your sole responsibility. Weekly checks for LED indicators for fault operating conditions, quarterly check for the growth of tree branches close to your panel and build-up of dirt and bird droppings are some of these checks.


Solar panels require heavy initial investments. Safeguarding them from damage require careful monitoring, scheduled cleaning and servicing. When treated right, they can serve you for reliably for years to come.