The Best Rooftop Bar In Bangkok

Nowadays, rooftop bars are becoming the latest trends in bar. Imagine this: you’re in a bar, partying like crazy, getting yourself drunk like there’s no more tomorrow, all while enjoying an awesome view of the city lights. You can probably say you can only see those scenes in the movies or in the TV series which you are addicted to. Or, the best rooftop bars can only be found in highly-urbanized cities such as Los Angeles or New York in the United States. Now, if you are in Bangkok and you want to experience what it’s like to be at a rooftop bar in Bangkok, there are a few bars where you and your friends can drink and enjoy fantastic view of Thailand’s capital. In fact, you can never run out rooftop bars to hang out at because Bangkok has more than enough bars to accommodate bar goers.

As mentioned, Bangkok has many rooftop bars which you can find all around the city. Now, in case you want to hangout and enjoy the view at the best  rooftop bar in Bangkok, below is a list of some of the best bars in Bangkok that have offer lovely views to die for:

  • Vertigo-Banyan Tree Bangkok- this is considered to be the best rooftop bar in Bangkok. You will have to climb 61 floors before you can reach the actual bar. And once you’re on top, you’ll be greeted by an overlooking view of the cityscape. This bar offers some of the best champagnes and other alcoholic drinks in Bangkok. They also excel in barbecued seafood which can go well with the drinks they are offering.
  • Sky Bar- for this, you will climb 63 floors to enjoy a 360 degrees view of the city especially at night. They have authentic oyster and whisky bar. The outdoor terrace of the bar has a cushioned sofa area which is perfect for those who want to enjoy the breeze of being up 63 floors.
  • Octave Rooftop Bar- located in the busy district of Sukhumvit. This one is perfect for couple who wish to watch Bangkok’s world famous sunset while enjoying a pleasurable dinner. It has been said that Octave Rooftop bar owns the best 360 degrees view of the city especially at night.