Be Educated In One Of The Top 10 International Schools In Bangkok

Thailand offers several high-quality education opportunities and hopes to be the heart for international education in Southeast Asia. The choices of schools happen to increase further, and you’ll even be attending in one of the top 10 international schools in Bangkok, which is a great privilege. According to the ISC Research, Thailand has around 170 English-speaking international schools all over catering to the education of preschool, primary and secondary students.

Education in Bangkok

In the capital city alone, there are 106 international schools open to expats’ children. As the city is renowned for its traffic congestion, new expatriates are advised to find a great school that’s near their home or is accessible through the BTS and MRT stations. In every major city of Thailand, there are one or two international schools. In Phuket, there are around 12.

Demand for International Schools All Over Thailand

Much as expats are seeking top 10 international schools in Bangkok, the affluent Thai families are also searching for places where they can enrol their kids. Some of these affluent people are unhappy with the way education is taught in the national system and international schools provide higher education for their students.

As a result, the leading international schools found in this country are high in demand and some have even waiting lists. There is no limit to the number of students to attend the international school, but some have set a cap, so they can still accommodate expatriate students and maintain a diversity that reflects the nature of the international school.

International School Choices

In the country’s international schools, 52% follow the British curriculum, 32% provide American-style curriculum, and 14% offer International Baccalaureate programmes. Among the top 10 international schools in Bangkok, the International School Bangkok and Bangkok Patana School are popular and well-established. Both have an excellent reputation among its students with above-average exam results on a yearly basis.

More Schooling Choices

Thailand hopes to be the heart for international education in the Southeast Asia. This implies more continued government support for newer international schools and accessibility of schools for local kids. With the establishment of the 2016 ASEAN Economic Community, the number of international schools in Thailand are expected to increase. And you can be in one of the top 10 international schools in Bangkok for your education.