Bangkok To Mexico Flights Offered By China Southern

There is now a new flight option provided by China Southern Airlines and the route covered will be Bangkok going to Mexico City. This new service will cut a considerable amount of travel time on both places.

According to the largest airline in Asia, the travel time is shorter than all of the flights available to the route before because of the new service that has been made available to the Mexican capital which will start on April 10. The travel time will be cut short by around 7 to 14 hours compared to other airline operators.

The new flight service going to Mexico City will depart from Guangzhou, the home base, and there will be a layover which will occur in Vancouver, Canada. The airline will be using their Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner airplane for the route and there will be three flights offered every week.

There is also another option for travellers and that is to avail of the daily flights that are offered five times every day by the same airline company using their single aisle aircraft – Boeing 737-800s and Airbus 320s. The difference is that the flights will originate from the Suvarnabhumi airport located in Bangkok and the planes will travel to the hub in Guangzhou.

According to a statement from the general manager of China Southern based in Thailand, Cen Ling, combined time it will take for the flights between Bangkok and Mexico City will be around 22.5 hours. If you count the layover time which will be spent in both Guangzhou and Vancouver, the flight will last for 26 hours total.

In comparison to other airline operators, this is much shorted because their average flight time is between 33 and 40 hours.

China Southern is confident that the Mexican service will be patronized especially by travellers from Thailand since it is the first which is offered by a carrier owned by a Chinese company.

They are targeting passengers such as business people in Thailand and expats from Mexico. Those who will be visiting Bangkok can opt to stay for a hotel near All Seasons building for convenience.