Backyard Pool Incidents In Orange County Gives Light To The Importance Of Safety Fences

Home pools like infinity pools and backyard pools are fun to have but when tragedy strikes your household, you wouldn’t be thinking much about enjoyment and focusing more on the question of “where did I go wrong?”
During these times you would be thinking more about the safety of everyone in your household and what to do about it.

When the recent drowning of a child in Coto de Caza and three near-drowning experiences that had critically injured three other children in Irvine, Placentia and the Tustin areas, it had not only highlighted the dangers of unsupervised swimming pools but had also given light to the importance of safety fences.
One Golden Grove father could relate to the recent pool incidents.

In 2013, Max Gomez Sr. lost his son to his unfenced pool. He said that his 2-year old son had wandered away unsupervised because his mother was doing the laundry. The 2-year old kid had untimely drowned to his death at their backyard pool.
With that tragedy in their life, the Gomez family has now learned and they now have a fence on their pool. The family had also established a foundation that would help raise enough money to give free swimming classes to the children who cannot afford them.

Even when it is cold, the children cannot help but be enticed by the water.
Orange County Fire Authority’s Capt. Steve Concialdi said that these children only wished to play and do not realize the danger that they put themselves into before they jump into the water.

The OCFA has already responded to 17 drowning incidents, 9 of which led to untimely deaths.

Drowning is an inevitable part of Orange County since the whole county itself is known for its abundance of swimming pools and beaches.

Luckily there are ways to prevent drowning and one of them is to fence the pool. Most homeowners would only choose to fence the yard without knowing that is also important to have the pools fenced so that it could keep children away from the water and away from the danger.