Apps Fighting For Space In The Internet

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In today’s digital age, almost everything is run by technology but why is there is an endless stream of requests for opinions from app makers and website developers? Do you respond when you are asked to rate an app in the App Store? It can be exhausting if you will respond to all the needy notifications.

New users are the lifeblood of the tech and gadget industry. The first time that you visit a website, you will be treated like royalty where everyone tries to interact with you. According to Gary Van Broekhoven, head of customer experience at DMI, tech companies will do the world a great favour if they try to build something of value that is not based on opinion.

To put it simply, technology is a ratings war. In Apple App Store there are 2.2 million apps while in Google Play, there are 2.8 million apps. Getting noticed is really a big problem for apps that it is why they ask for reviews within the first two seconds of launching to take advantage of the small window of opportunity that a user decides that the app is not relevant. However, it seems silly to ask a user to review an app when he has not even spent a minute using it.

Apps are trying to find space between getting attention and getting on the nerves of the user. The popularity contest in the internet resulted into reviews that pass judgment on almost everything. The app developer must gain reviews or his app fails. The developers of apps are highly incentivized to generate recommendations to become successful.

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