Apple Suddenly Removes Customer Reviews From Online Store

In the digital age, customer reviews like King Kong SEO reviews matter all the more. Companies use them as free advertising, and having them out and about, regardless of how positive they might or might not be, is a sign of the company’s transparency.

So when Apple made a sudden move to remove all of their customer reviews from their online store late November, a lot of people took notice.

In the last few days of November, Apple’s customer review section suddenly disappeared from its online store over the course of a single weekend, rendering buyers incapable of seeing ratings or reviews about Apple products, including the ever popular iPhone.

The change was reported by one of Apple Insider’s readers, which noted that the tech giant’s online storefront no longer has any reviews and ratings from customers. The removal was believed to have been done over the course of one weekend, late November, as noted by Apple Insider’s look at the Wayback Machine, which showed the first-gen Apple Pencil still having the reviews on Nov. 16, which disappeared from the archives on Nov. 17, the following day.

Apple Insider noted that the change isn’t just for Apple’s US store, but also for the UK, and the AU, which is a huge change given how big these markets are and how important reviews like King Kong SEO reviews and the like are.

The outlet states that there is no clear reasoning as to why Apple would make such a move. However, the fact that these review sections disappeared from three different locations means that this development wasn’t a random glitch or error, but a deliberate move.

The tech giant previously allowed for buyers to post and publish their reviews on their online store, regardless of how positive or negative they were, which many saw was a sign of Apple’s transparency, and reassured customers that they were not being had.

Naturally, media outlets have tried to contact Apple for a statement regarding the matter, but the tech giant has remained silent on the issue. The only thing clear is that Apple users and potential buyers can’t see or post reviews and feedback regarding their products, which deprives them of useful info for their purchases.