Actual Masterpieces That Exist In London

London is home to a number of artistic artworks that are on display permanently. This article will tackle a few masterpieces that shows the city itself and all are displayed in London.

  • The Great Fire Of London. This artwork is displayed at the Museum of London and the artist is still unknown up to this day. Many believed that the artist was there to witness the unfortunate event judging by the details on the artwork such as the tiny sparks present in the sky and the vantage point is considered to a safe distance where one can sketch as it unfolds. This is an event in London that changed the city forever.
  • The mural of the Battle of Cable This can actually be found at Cable Street and considered as one of the proudest moment in history of the East End. This is the time when 30,000 Londoners come together, regardless of race and creeds, to join their aim to block the demonstration held by Oswald Mosley together with his cronies. It hits the spot for fascism as well as a huge leap in the desire for diversity. The painting can be seen at the side of the houses at Cable Street. It was painted by Ray Walker, Dave Binnington Savage, Desmond Rochfort and Paul Butler from 1979 until 1983.
  • The Meeting Place masterpiece is currently on display at St. Pancras International. The sculpture depicts two lovers while snogging as a form of greeting or farewell. You will be able to get a glimpse of the history of the city during the time when the First World War breaks. You will be able to see the contemporary Eurostar included in the masterpiece.
  • Gin Lane is a masterpiece by William Hogarth. It shows the influence of punchbowl in London and how it evokes dark laughs, destruction as well as debauchery. This is a hyperbole made during the 18th century. One will be able to see this masterpiece at Hogarth’s House.

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