6 Reasons To Visit A Dental Health Professional

Good dental hygiene is essential to maintain your pearly whites in good condition. Periodic visits to your dentist are essential to maintain your oral hygiene. Apart from the regular visits, here are 6 signs that you need to visit your dental health professional.

  1. Pain

Pain in the mouth, cheeks, face or neck is the most common sign of problems with the mouth and jaw. Consult a dentist or a Lansdale orthodontist immediately to get proper diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Gum Issues

Gum diseases are very common. Plaque build-up is one of the main reasons for gum diseases. Other reasons include family history, poor dental hygiene, smoking and certain illness. Swelling, bleeding and pain in gums are the common symptoms of gum diseases. Consult a dentist as soon as you notice any swelling or bleeding in the gums.

  1. Missing Teeth

There are many reasons for missing teeth. Injury, accidents, and decay are some of the reasons for missing teeth. You may not be able to smile freely or speak properly because of this problem. An orthodontist will assess your condition and suggest a suitable option to replace missing teeth. There are many options such as tooth bridges, dentures and implants to replace missing teeth.

  1. Pregnancy

Some dental problems get worse during pregnancy. You have to visit your dentist/orthodontist regularly during pregnancy to take care of your dental hygiene.

  1. Chewing Troubles

If you experience difficulty while chewing food, you have to consult an orthodontist. Chewing troubles can be because of malocclusion of teeth. Conditions such as overbite, under bite and cross bite make it hard to bite and chew food. An orthodontist will evaluate your mouth and assess the reason for the problem. He will then devise a personalized treatment plan using orthodontic devices like braces, aligners etc.

  1. Jaw Pain

Schedule an appointment with a Lansdale orthodontist, if you experience jaw pain when you are chewing, opening or closing your mouth or immediately after you get up from sleep. Jaw pain can be due to TMD or teeth grinding. The orthodontist will be able to diagnose the exact cause of the pain and suggest a suitable treatment.

As per popular Lansdale orthodontists, regular dental check-ups are essential to maintain your oral health as well as your overall health.