3 Top Choices For Automotive Stuff

For car owners, it is important to determine the different types of auto parts especially that at some point, you would have to replace the parts or buy some for aesthetic purposes. Generally, car parts are categorized as genuine parts, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket. However, you might have also heard of rebuilt, used and refurbished parts. To find out how the three main types of Automotive Stuff differ, take a look at the details below.

Genuine parts

Genuine car parts refer to the original components found in your car when you had them brand new. Of all the types of car parts, they are the most expensive ones. Because of their price, they are usually thought of as superior. However, this is not always the case since car parts can also perform better even when they are not brand new.  One benefit of buying the original or genuine type is that you can be sure that they are suited to your vehicle.


OEM is approved by auto makers, which means that they are also of excellent quality and can be placed in line with the genuine parts. The good thing about OEM Automotive Stuff is they are cheaper yet you can still rely on their quality. You can find a lot of suppliers of OEM auto parts online and also from offline sources. To ensure that you will buy the right car part, consult a qualified technician for vehicles.


Aftermarket refers to the car parts made by other manufacturers and not by the original maker of your car. Makers of aftermarket car parts purchase the rights from the original makers to produce auto parts for other auto brands. Aftermarket parts may not look like the genuine or OEM counterparts, but they are guaranteed to fit and perform like the aforementioned parts.

There are several considerations when buying Automotive Stuff. Budget is one of those that you need to consider but if you want utmost performance and reliability of your car, go for the highest quality, although not necessarily the most expensive. Balance the pros and cons to arrive at a sound and cost-effective decision.