3 Tips To Maintain A Clean Home

Maintaining a clean and clutter free home is essential for the well-being of your family. You have to take up regular cleaning and take steps to ensure that there is no dirt anywhere in the house.

A lot of clutter and unwanted items tend to accumulate in the house over time. While cleaning the house, it is important to deal with this clutter. Hiring the services of a good junk removal Orange County company will ensure that these things are removed properly without causing damage to the interiors of your home.

Here are 3 tips to maintain a clean home

  • Clean the Exhaust Fan and Other Grills and Vents

The exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens, and the vents of your air condition systems have to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they function to their optimum capacity. You can vacuum the vents regularly or use canned air to blast the dust off the grilles and vents.

  • Shake and Vacuum Area Rugs

Area rugs are exposed to a lot of foot falls. They tend to collect a lot of dust over time. You have to vacuum these rugs at least once in a week. Apart from this, you have to give them a deep clean at least thrice in a year. Take them outside and hang them on a fence or clothesline. Shake them vigorously and beat them with a stick, broom or racket. If you are planning to buy new rugs, you can either donate the old ones or call a junk removal Orange County company to dispose the old rugs.

  • Change the Bedding Weekly

Your warm and cozy bed is also home to a lot of dust and germs. The bedding collects your skin fibers, dust and may be home to dust mites. These things cause allergies and skin rashes. It is important to change bedsheets, pillow cases at least once in a week. Buy machine washable sheets as far as possible. Blankets and bed spreads can be taken outside for a good shaking and dusting. But pillows, blankets and bed spreads should be dry cleaned at least once in a year.

Apart from these 3 areas, there are many other areas of the home which need regular cleaning like the kitchen, bathrooms etc. But whenever you deep clean the house, you tend to collect some junk and e-waste. Call a professional junk removal Orange County company to remove this waste in a safe manner and dispose it responsibly according to the guidelines.