Yunnan Province Hosted Three-Day Event For Floriculture Professionals

Many flowers wholesaler in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries flock to China as Yunnan hosts a series of annual events for professionals in the floriculture and potted plants industry.


Floriculture Capital

The Yunnan province is located in the southwester area in China, enjoying a combination of low altitude lands and high plateaus. The province is responsible for the production of over 75% of the country’s fresh cut flowers. There are similar areas for flower wholesaler in Thailand, Malaysia, and other neighbouring country, but Yunnan spans 14,533 hectares of land devoted for fresh cut flowers cultivation as of last year, and has produced up to 11 billion stems amounting to $1.4 billion in the same year.


Annual Events

Kunming, the province’s capital, hosts a series of events for the industry. The Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre held three concurrent events from July 13 to 15 this year, including the China Home Gardening Expo, the 18th China Floriculture Retail Forum, and the 19th Kunming International Flower Expo. All three events are collectively called “Two expos and one conference.”


A lot of breeders, purchasers, technical suppliers, and growers attended the event, including those from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Holland, France, Belgium, and Germany. Regional floral organizations and experts from different parts of China were also invited, together with 3,000 Chinese retailers and local floriculture and supplies and technology companies.


According to Yunnan Flower Technical Training and Examination Centre, the goal of the event is to improve the industry in the Yunnan province. The area has the best climate for flowers, and is home to the largest growing region in the country. They recognize that they need to work on improving quality, types, and variety of the flowers, and the event puts the spotlight on the industry in Yunnan. It is also an avenue for various experts and other participants to share their latest information about newly discovered species and techniques that could help shape the industry further down the line.


In line with these goals, the event had a number of activities including a series of lectures with topics like the protection of breeder rights, e-commerce for the floriculture industry, and the introduction to the province’s government-supported production groups. There were also organized field trips to local and foreign-owned production bases in Yunnan.