Yangon To Guangzhuo Flights Offered By Low-Cost Airline

A low-cost airline from China called 9 Air is offering direct flights from the Yangon going to Guangzhou, which is in the southern part of China, and vice-versa. This announcement came less than one month after the airline opened flights going to Mandalay. The flight to Yangon will surely raise the booking of hotel in Myanmar because Chinese tourists will have a direct flight to the city.

9 Air is a low-cost carrier that offers services for both the central and the southern part of the country. It started its operations in its headquarters in Guangzhou, the capital of the province of Guangdong, way back in 2014. Juneyao Airlines is the parent company of 9 Air and it currently manages more than 40 routes in the domestic market alone. The fleet of the company ranges from Boeing 737 to 800 aircrafts.

According to the Yangon Aerodome Company which manages the Yangon International Airport, it already has plans for regional expansion. When 2025 rolls in, it will be operating 80 aircrafts with flights going to new destinations in Asia such as Da Nang, Vietnam, Kalibo, Philippines, well-known cities in Japan and Bangkok, Thailand.

There will be four flights originating from Guangzhou going to Yangon every week and there are low-fare seats available which can costs lower than $100. The new route is expected to answer the needs of those who are traveling for business, visiting families and the tourism industry in general.

9 Air will not be the only airline to offer this route because there are two others – Myanmar Airways International and the China Southern Airlines. Eighty per cent of the shares of Myanmar Airways International is under Kanbawza Group and it is the sole private airline company in the country of Myanmar to offer international flights.

In a data released by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, in 2017 there were 452 flights going back and forth between Yangon and Guangzhou which accommodated around 40,000 passengers. The average rate of seat occupancy for each flight is 63 per cent. This is the reason why hotel in Myanmar is almost booked all the time because of the number of foreign arrivals.