Why Truck Transportation Is The Best Option For Cross-Border Trade

In a world where fast shipping is an expectation, choosing the right logistics and transportation provider is crucial to the success of a business. Road transportation is the most popular option in cross-border trade because it is more economical. Truck freight accounts for more than 54% of all northern border freight between the US and Canada.

Truck transportation is the best option for industries that require quick small shipments directly to a business, to a warehouse, or to the consumer’s front door. The top 3 commodities in transborder truck shipping include computers, electrical machineries and vehicles, and motor parts. Other industries that rely heavily on truck shipping include grocery and retail, eCommerce, construction and agriculture.

Compared to air transport, truck shipping has fewer restrictions on freight particularly heavy loads and hazardous materials. It is easier to track trucks than other types of transportation because of their built-in navigational systems and real-time tracking capabilities. A shipper will always know the exact location of its shipment.

Road transportation is more accessible and cost-effective compared to air and ship transportation. Most businesses are accessible from the major highway system. Unlimited options are available with truck freight. There are specialized trucking providers that can easily accommodate unique requirements for perishable, hazardous and oversized goods.

Businesses have a wide range of choice from parcel, full truckload, and less-than-truckload shipping to reduce their transportation costs. Parcel shipments are ideal for shipping a small number of packages while less-than-truckload is the best option when shipping less than a truckload or large and oddly shaped shipments.

Recently, the most significant benefit from truck freight is the ability to ship a product directly to the consumer’s doorstep. There are instances when full-mile delivery is not an option because of the type and size of the product or its final destination.

No matter the size and weight of the shipment, Titan Transline is always prepared to support you by providing the most efficient transportation options. Specialty trailers are available for hazardous materials, oversized goods, expedited shipments, and freight that requires temperature control. The speed of delivery is maximized while ensuring the safety of your goods.