Why Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Perceives Fast Food Chains as a Good or Bad Business

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan thinks that eating in fast food chains may not be good; however, it can be a business that will hit big in the market. While many people around the world love to eat its delicious food in themenu, they are considered unhealthy for the body. French fries, fried chicken, burgers, sundaes, nuggets and more are bombarded with harmful chemicals to make it more addictive and taste better.

It’s not only adults who love fast foods but young children as well. You will often find yourself waiting in long lines just to get the delicious food your mouth is craving. Chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Taco Bell are among the best places to get fast food at reasonable prices. However, if you choose to eat at home, it’s a better option than eating in fast food.

The most alarming concern about these food chains is that it literally promotes obesity in both adults and children. With more calorie content on each food item in their menu, you risk yourself to gaining more weight in a short span of time. If you’re obese, you can be affected to diseases like diabetes, heart problems, stroke or even cancer. French fries and burgers alone has combined 600 calories and saturated fat per serving.

According to Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, fast food chains are good businesses to set up in the Latin America. However, its effects can pose health hazards to your body. According to studies, around 86% are hypertensive people, 79% has affected cancer patients, and 51% are affected with diabetes. And prior to their illnesses, they have spent more time on eating in fast food chains.

Another reason why you should avoid fast food chains is how the people working for them cook the food they serve. Most fast food chains use cooking oil that are loaded with saturated fat and are bad to one’s health. The worst thing they can do is using the oil many times before disposing it to maximize profit. Prolonged usage of oil can develop carcinogens in fatty foods, especially like chicken and beef, and may cause cancer cells to multiply rapidly.

However, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan stresses that people can occasionally eat from fast food chains, but not to a point of overeating as it can endanger their health.