Welcoming Dior In Melbourne

Chef James Henry is known to feed a very limited number of people at his restaurants located in Paris and his new restaurants in Hong Kong. He does not take on tasks as big as wedding catering in Sydney but last month he took on a new role as he became the catering’s Ninja warrior while serving as the executive chef in two different events. The events were held at the National Gallery of Victoria. This is to celebrate the launching of the House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture.

During the events, Henry fed around 1400 guests with the help of 200 individuals from his staff provided by Peter Rowland. They prepared a sit-down dinner for 400 of the big donor guests who attended in the gallery along with a number of celebrities. After which, they served around 30,000 morsels during a cocktail party which lasted for five hours.

Looking back at the dinner menu, they used up about eight kilos of caviar, 250 kilos of beef while 400 kilos of ducks were cooked.

Henry shared that he enjoyed his job every night because he only needs to serve 30 people which gives him a lot of control but the last two events showed him that he can accomplish big events as long as the team knows what he wants when it comes to the presentation of the food and the type of seasoning for the food.

The annual event used to be held in New York but this year it was welcomed in Melbourne. Many quipped that this is the equivalent of Met Gala in the country. The event is done for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which means that it is a critical gathering.

According to the event chair, Edwina McCann, there are a total of three exhibitions and one is chosen to be held in Melbourne. Many believe that the event will inspire wedding catering in Sydney as the country is already experiencing a catering boom because of various events and functions. Dior’s coming to the country is a good sign and will surely send a lot of inspiration.