Wedding Favors And Gifts That You Will Feel Good To Give

Many wedding couples seek inspiration from the internet to make their favor boxes more personalized and unique. There are many sites with suggestions on how to decorate favor boxes and bags including making a choice for the right favors. A good idea is to create a wedding favor that is a reflection of the couple’s romance like items that will remind of the first date.

Food favors can be exciting to guests but there is also an option for items that are eco-friendly and creative. An example is tea that is soothing and sophisticated. There are heart-shaped tea infusers which can be filled up with a variety of loose teas like chamomile, peppermint, Darjeeling, Earl Grey or green tea. Accent the favor bag with a ribbon in the wedding colors.

Grilling is an American favorite pastime and if the wedding will be held in summer or spring, grilling spices and blends can be used for wedding favors. There are a variety of seasonings that match with steak, fish, poultry or even vegetables. Choose organic seasonings so that you can provide your guests with quality favors. You have a choice of bay leaves, peppercorns, celery seeds, cumin, dill, mustard or a pickling spice blend.

Wedding favors that are useful, natural and responsible will help you feel good about giving. Likewise, many couples will also appreciate gifts that are useful like kitchen-related products. For wedding gifts that are sustainable, creative and practical, you can look beyond pots, pans and dishes. For example, a bride will be delighted with a spice rack that is filled with sustainably sourced natural spices. There are basic and versatile spices like organic basil, cinnamon and garlic or some exotic options like all-purpose Indian spices and black sesame seeds.

Making pizza at home can be fun and a gift can include a quality pizza cutter, pizza stone for baking a wedge of parmesan cheese, baking yeast and pizza seasonings like oregano, basil and garlic powder. All the pizza-making tools and ingredients can be placed inside a basket with a pizza cookbook. Pizza would be an ideal meal for a newly-wed couple.