Walmart Opens Their Common Desk Office

Walmart allotted four months into the construction of their Common Desk’s semi-private offices located at Granite Park, Plano. The office serves as the internal innovation centre of Walmart and is referred to as the Walmart technology. Currently there are 18 engineers busy in their office workstations but the company is aiming to have around 50 engineers working there before the year ends.

The main role of the division is to develop innovations as well as to make sure that the operations inside Walmart are as efficient as possible through the help of technology. The new office can hold a total of 45 people and each of them must possess a security badge before they can utilize the co-working space provided by Walmart. The co-working space is furnished with office desks and booths that resemble those in diners. The space also holds six private offices as well as a conference room.

There is a mural inside which displays a quite from Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, and it reads – I’m driven to buck the system. It is expected that they will have an additional mural to showcase the beauty of the Dallas skyline.

The office space is not the first option of the company since they have looked into other options as well. At the end of the day, they settled with Common Desk which is in Plano. Representatives of the company said that they are fortunate because they get to access the amenities provided by Common Desk. They are not deprived of privacy though because they have private offices which are exclusively to their use.

Walmart Technology’s director of engineering, Carlos Riojas, said that Granite Park gave them the permission to roam around as if they own the campus. He added that they are confident the place is secure enough to hold Walmart data. While there are other good spaces, they found Granite Park to be the only one good enough in terms of security.

The division has been planning to expand thus they decided to move into a new office. They will need bigger space to hold more office workstations as they are planning to welcome more individuals into their team.