Walled-Off Hotel Opened: More Banksy Prints

Banksy is a mysterious artist working mainly on graffiti that uses a darker sense of humour on things and a masterful use of the complex stencilling technique. He is an artist based in England but his identity is yet to be verified as majority of his Banksy prints and other art works are popping out all of a sudden in areas where they can be visible to the eyes of the public such as walls. And, his works don’t focus on one place alone. They are scattered everywhere in the world, 16 locations worldwide to be more specific. Recently, Banksy opened his own hotel which has a weird name, Walled-Off Hotel in Bethlehem. This is just 4 metres away from that very much controversial separation wall which was built by Israel. All of the rooms in the hotel are facing the controversial wall which has been ringing in the news for the longest time now since the wall’s completion.

All of the rooms inside the hotel are being described as having the worst view of hotel in the world right now and price ranges from 30 US Dollars per night for a room with one bunk bed in it to 965 US Dollars per night for a stay in the hotel’s presidential suite. According to the hotel’s staff, the hotel is already fully booked for the next three months, mostly from 6 different nations. In addition to this, most of the hotel’s clients are only flying to Bethlehem just to stay at Walled-Off Hotel as a show of support to Banksy and his Banksy prints. Fans who have been able to stay at the hotel have expressed awesomeness, saying that the hotel itself is one of the most amazing projects the mysterious artist has been involved with. Despite the criticisms about the hotel’s unaffordable prices for most Palestinians, Banksy said that all profits made by the hotel would go back directly to the community surrounding the hotel. In addition to this most of Banksy’s largest new collection in recent years have been donated to the community. Banksy, however, didn’t attend the actual launch as he is protecting his identity.