Villains With Scarred Faces In Films Discouraged By British Film Institute

For some people, scars are reminders of a traumatic experience at some point in their life. When the scars are in areas that cannot be hidden by clothes, the best solution is makeup to cover scars to improve confidence and avoid negative reactions made by some people.

Facial scars have always been associated with villains in movies like Freddy Kruger or the Joker. However, the British Film Institute has affiliated with #I Am Not Your Villain campaign and declared that it will no longer support movies that include scarred villains. The British Film Institute is an organization that supports and provides funding to British films.

Every year, a certain amount is set aside for British filmmakers and studios. Some of the films that received funding from the institute includes zombie drama The Girl with All the Gifts, crime film Trespass against Us and the gritty romance God’s Own Country. The decision of the institute is only a symbolic gesture because the films that got funding allocations do not have scarred villains. Most scarred villains are present in James Bond movies and blockbuster action films not the low-budget dramas.

Changing Faces, a UK charity organization is also making the effort to remove the stigma associated to visible scars in the film industry. The organization which was founded by Dr. James Partridge in 1992 provides support to children and adults that have observable differences on their faces, hands and body and suffers from social stigma discrimination.

The charity organization said that the characters with scars on their faces are used to signify evil. This has contributed to the negative perception of people with scars in real life. The campaign which was launched with Changing Faces and the British Film Institute urges the film industry to stop from using scarred villains as evil characters. Films have a powerful influence on people and they should be the first to remove the negative representations of scars.

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