Using Customer Reviews As Content For Videos

Videos provide enhanced organic visibility and boosts on-page engagement, the two powerful factors that are considered by Google in search engine rankings. Google wants users to like web pages that turned up in search results and continue to interact with the site instead of leaving right away.

If a customer review is well placed as a video, Google will not only like the site, it will trust the site to give it a good ranking in the search results. Over the past few years, videos have gained a lot of popularity because they are content that keeps users informed in an entertaining manner.

The fact is, most web users prefer to watch customer reviews than read them from third party review sites. When review videos are used in the landing page, conversions can increase by 86%. Finally, the average user is willing to spend more time on a website that has videos.

When embedding review videos on the website, it is important to implement best SEO practices. Page speed is a critical ranking factor which means that you have to pay attention to lazy-load videos. There are also available enhancements like the LIVE badge that can be added to the video. Users must also be allowed to navigate the video from SERPs.

The king kong SEO reviews that a digital marketing agency received from its satisfied clients were used as video content to boost organic visibility, organic click through, on-page engagements and conversions. The review videos can also be uploaded on the YouTube account to generate more views, shares and conversions.