Useful Tips To Homeowners Who Are Considering Window Tinting

One of the most economical ways to improve energy efficiency is domestic window tinting in Sydney that offers the best glass window frosting or privacy films. Window tinting can also boost the curb appeal of the home. However, there are windows that are not compatible with security and decorative films.

There are different types of windows films that can be installed on the windows. The solar film which is thinner than a security film but thicker than a decorative film is recommended if the objective is energy efficiency. The solar film can reflect or absorb at least 99% of the UV rays from the sun. Solar films can regulate the temperature inside the home, reduce glare, prevent furniture from fading and increase indoor comfort.

If deterring burglars is the objective, the best option is the security film which is the thickest of all window films. However, it does not absorb or reflect heat. If an intruder or a storm damages the window, the security film will prevent the window from shattering completely.

The decorative window film absorbs and reflects minimal heat but it can enhance aesthetics and privacy. Decorative films come in clear or bold-coloured films with a range of etched patterns, stained glass motifs and opaque frosted designs.

Some windows are equipped to handle security and decorative films because they do not put so much stress on the windows. In case of incompatibility, you can use the three common types of window glass that includes annealed or basic flat glass, heat-treated or annealed glass that was exposed to very high temperatures and insulating glass that consists of two layers of glass with a middle layer of air or gas. However, it is always suggested to check the manufacturer’s guide on what window films will be compatible to the different types of window glass.

Households prefer to install domestic window tinting in Sydney instead of using blinds and curtains. Frosted, dusted or sandblasted films can easily transform the looks of the traditional glass windows into a decorative feature that also enhances privacy. Shade and frost window tinting can block out the heat and glare from the sun and help save on the energy bills.