Unraveling The Mysteries Of Indian Cuisine

India is no doubt one of the most diversified countries in the world today. With thousands of years in existence, the second most populous country in the world, having more than 40 languages and 1600 dialects, India is definitely rich in culture and diversity. In fact, each state has its own culture and tradition. The lifestyle and the food of one state may be ultimately different from another state. Food from one state may actually be foreign to a person from another. With this being said, it actually is sad to think that when Indian food is mentioned, it is baselessly defined as one word: curry.

Associating Indian food with curry is probably the biggest understatement in the world. It already is incredible to know that each state has their own style of cooking, but what’s even more impressive is that each household would have different ways to prepare a dish. Because of this, numerous Indian dishes can be presented in varieties. There is an overabundance of diversity not only in the country’s culture but also with its cuisine. However, even with its diversity, there is one unifying factor that connects all of these differences: spices. Spices, coupled with diversity and color play a great role in making Indian food special.

In Indian cuisine, there is unity in diversity. Each region in India favors different food items. North India has a great love for chilies, saffron, milk, yoghurt and cheese while the South prefer pepper, coconut and tamarind. Both the East and West regions of India also have their own preferred choices. But given their differences and diversity, Indian cuisine is still considered as unified because of one common denominator. It’s the Indian’s love for food that keeps their cuisine united. Food is a big deal in India and even on the simplest of days most households would have three main dishes.

Indian cuisine has become a worldwide phenomenon. No matter where you are in the world, you would find Indian cuisine. Numerous Indian restaurants have scattered all over the globe so that many other people could get a taste of their exotic and exquisite food. So if you are looking for restaurants for Indian cuisine in Perth, why not pay a visit to Two Fat Indians to get a memorable Indian cuisine experience.