Tourism Remains Unaffected By Crackdown On Street Food And Bars

Travellers from different parts of the world prefer to book for luxury accommodations when they plan a holiday in Thailand. Of course, they will not be disappointed because Sukhumvit hotel will easily satisfy their requirements. The hotel which is located in the heart of Bangkok has upscale and modern amenities that rival those from other hotels all over the world.

A multitude of visitors are enticed to visit Bangkok because its attractions are numerous and varied. According to market research provider Euromonitor International, Bangkok was the 2nd most visited city in 2017. At least 21.2 million tourists were welcomed by Bangkok. This leads people to question why travellers prefer Bangkok over other tourist destinations.

The Thai capital has street food and night life, considered as the major draws of the city. However, these are also the industries that are being targeted by the military junta to provide Bangkok with a clean image. In April last year, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration stated that in the interests of cleanliness and order, streets will be purged of street vendors. The ruling was not actually a street food ban because the 20,000 street vendors will be relocated.

Last March 21, the Washington Post reported that bars and clubs in Bangkok were subjected to an intensifying crackdown with a number of them closed due to stricter regulations on licensing and curfews. In the past, a bribe used to suffice to convince the authorities to turn a blind eye. Lately, the government has resolved to embrace social order.

While the crackdown has no effect on tourism, it impacts on the livelihood of many Bangkok residents whether business owners or people who make a living selling street food. Meanwhile, there are ambitious plans for the disorderly metropolis to resemble Tokyo or Singapore in the future.

No matter the issues encountered in Bangkok, steady stream of tourists continue to look for Sukhumvit hotel because they want to enjoy the tropical paradise. Everybody is aware that Thailand has problems but there is still a constant demand from tourists who find Thailand as a perfect destination for a holiday. Book for accommodations now and enjoy big discounts.