Tiles As Functional And Creative Design Elements

Tile is one of the most important design elements that can provide flexibility. Tiles are usually the functional choice for kitchens and bathrooms while mosaic kitchen tiles are more popular for splashbacks. Large mosaic tiles can also be used on feature walls in multi-purpose zones to achieve the “Wow” factor.

There are many creative ways with which tiles can be incorporated in the home. Tiles can work effectively in outdoor spaces but they are also a refreshing way to create a unique design in the interior space. According to interior designer Ashley Hawthorne, tiles in unique patterns and textures can now be found in residential spaces particularly in front facades.

Instant street appeal and an element of interest can be achieved by using tiles on large rendered posts, feature wall panels and the home entrance. When considering tile as feature to the façade, the best choices according to Hawthorne are travertine, stone and rustic natural looking tiles.

An average room can be turned into something that is visually appealing by using a tiled accent wall instead of a lacklustre painted feature wall. However, when mosaic tiles are used in a multi-purpose hall, you can have some fun with shapes, colours, patterns and textures.

Another area where tiles can be used creatively is the master bedroom. The perfect backdrop for the bedhead can be a timber-look tile that is installed horizontally. Meanwhile, subway tiles have classic aesthetic appeal but sometimes, it is important to think outside the box. To create a difference, subway tiles can be laid in a herringbone pattern which is vertically stacked to look amazing.

Since homeowners cannot just ignore the timeless and stylish vibes of the round tile, they can use it to soften space and generate a sense of luxury. The round tile which is chic and functional can make a big difference in the way a space looks.

When it comes to creating fun in the kitchen, your best choice is mosaic kitchen tiles with colours that are guaranteed to stay brilliant. Since the mosaic tiles are made from the finest materials, they is the assurance of standing the test of time and looking great wherever they are installed.