Three Tips For Online Hotel Branding

Hotel industry is very competitive and highly commoditized. Thailand has a number of hotels in every segment and location. An effective marketing strategy is very important to develop a brand identity for your hotel in order to beat the competition and stay ahead.

Brand identity is how the customers perceive about the hotel. Hence, proper branding in Thailand plays a crucial role in creating a positive impression about the hotel and helps you to attract more guests by influencing the perception of the customers.

Here are three tips for online hotel branding in Thailand that help to alter the customer perception and develop a positive brand identity.

  • Develop brand guidelines and strictly follow them

Develop a brand identity document containing information and rules about the logo lockups, logo exclusion zone, colour palette, typography and clear communication style for your hotel. All your employees and partners should strictly abide by all the brand identity guidelines. The brand guide can also contain instructions regarding how to handle criticism and social media communications of the brand.

  • The online hotel branding should provide an unified experience

The website of the hotel should be mobile friendly. The website should be responsive and must be able to adapt itself to the tablet and mobile screens. All the landing pages, ad creatives, social media content and the website of the company should follow a unified theme. Customers must be able to identify the brand by looking at the colour scheme, images or the logo of the hotel. Maintaining a unified theme allows customers to create brand identity and also will improve the brand recall value. There are a number of tools online to help you in creating responsive websites and creative ad formatting. If you are not confident yourself, consult a professional for branding in Thailand to help you.

  • Optimize the OTA listing

Maintain top listing across major online travel agency helps hotels to stay ahead of the competition. Since most of the online hotel bookings are done through the online travel agencies, optimizing the listing on OTAs plays a major role in driving up your revenues. You can use attractive images to showcase the best features and amenities offered by your hotel in order to attract customers and improve your brand image.

Follow these three principles for the right branding in Thailand for your hotel or resort and enjoy improved bookings and higher revenues.