Three Popular Tourist Attractions In Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a scenic town in Northern Queensland. It is known as the gateway for the world heritage sites like, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rain forest. Scores of tourists visit the town every year from around the world to experience the scenic beauty of this region.

Cairns is the nearest airport to Port Douglas. The journey between cairns and Port Douglas is about seventy five minutes and can vary depending on the traffic and weather conditions. Tourists visiting the town should book shuttle services to Port Douglas for hassle-free transport service between airport and the scenic town. The shuttle coach drops off the tourists at their hotels in the town. The travellers can also use the services for return journey from their hotel to the airport.

Some popular attractions for tourists in Port Douglas are

Visit the Great Barrier Reef – The Great barrier reef is one of the world heritage sites in the town. Tourists can book a helicopter ride to the reef and experience the amazing sites. They can opt for snorkelling and diving to experience the marine life of the reef from close vicinity. Tourists can book their air tickets to Cairn and book an airport shuttle for hassle-free transportation service from the airport to the city.

Daintree Rainforest – The Daintree forest is another world heritage site in Port Douglas. The lush green rainforest is home to the indigenous aboriginal tribes. Tourists visit the Daintree forest to experience the oldest rainforest on earth along with a chance to meet the local tribes and listen to their stories and experiences. Tourists wishing to explore the Daintree forest can book their air tickets to the Cairns airport. They can pre-book airport shuttle for hassle-free transportation service from the Cairns airport to Port Douglas and experience the grandeur and mysteries of the Daintree Rainforest.

Mossman gorge – The Mossman gorge is in the Daintree rain forest. The gorge is a must visit attractions for tourists visiting Northern Queensland. Tourists can book a Mossman gorge tour with their shuttle service for a hassle-free transportation service to the Mossman gorge centre. They can book their guided walking tours or self-guided trails at the centre and explore the beautiful gorge at their own pace. The shuttle service will pick up the tourists and drop them at their hotel, once their visit is complete.