Three Must-Visit Attractions Around Viet Tri

Viet Tri is a beautiful city in Vietnam. The scenic city is the capital of the North-Eastern province Phu Tho in Vietnam. The city is popular for its spiritual and historic tourism. There are many ancient villages near Viet tri that are famous for preserving the two hundred year culture.

The geographical location of the city which provides stunning views of the landscape is another major tourist attraction in Viet Tri. Tourists to the city can book their stay at the beautiful riverside hotel in Viet Tri and enjoy the scenic beauty of the town.

Some of the natural wonders in and around Viet Tri are

Hang sung sot cave

There are a number of beautiful caves in the limestone islets of the Halong bay. The Hang Sung Sot cave is one of the largest cave that is open for tourists. The cave has three chambers and can be accessed using a small boat. The caves entrance offers the best views of the Halong bay and the beautiful islets. The cave has been declared as a world heritage site. Tourists can stay at a hotel in Viet Tri and book a trip to the hang Sung sot cave.


Sapa is a scenic town, located thousand metres above the sea level. There are many hill villages around Sapa and it is the best place to know about the local culture. The scenery around Sapa is picturesque with terraced fields, winding roads, hanging bridges and majestic hills. Sapa lies near the Chinese border and is a must visit tourist attraction in Vietnam. Tourists willing to visit Sapa can stay at a hotel in Viet Tri and plan a trip to Sapa. There are many companies which organize treks to the Sapa valley.

Hung lo

Hung lo is an ancient village close to Viet Tri. The village has preserved around fifty houses which are hundred to two hundred years old. The ancient community houses helps the visitors to understand the local way of life. The city is also popular for its traditional vermicelli making units. Hung lo is popular for its eco-tourism. Visitors planning a trip to Hung Lo can stay at the hotel in Viet Tri and reserve a day trip to Hung lo.