The Tension Between The East And The West Has Increasingly Become Dangerous

Former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen expressed his concern on the growing tension between the East and the West. He said that rising tensions referring to Russia has somewhat repeated a phase in history known as the cold war. The same sentiments were also shared by an independent Chinese and Russian policy expert, Dr. Bobo Lo.

It has become apparent that the economic sanctions imposed upon Russia when it launched attacks on Ukrainian soil did not deter the Russian leadership to assert power and influence in Eastern Europe. This threat now concerns the west. NATO countries are now expanding its military forces to answer the impending threat from Russia.

Recently, Poland has affirmed its military ties to the West and is strengthening its defense and offense. Denmark on the other hand is set to participate in a NATO missile shield program. Most of the Baltic States have also expressed their concern about Russia’s non slowing aggression. This month, it has been reported that Russia is strengthening its militia by conducting several exercises that included warplanes hovering in the airspace of neighboring nations.

The former Secretary General of NATO said that Russia is becoming more deadly than the Soviet Union in that it has become less predictable and more dexterous.

The heavy economic sanctions imposed on Russia may have crippled its economy but on the other hand it made the country unbending to whatever the West asks them to do. The foreign policy expert said that Russia is not taking seriously its relationship with Europe. It is evident that Europe is a divided zone. Russia believes that it can take whatever sanctions and punishment that the West throws at it and still emerge victorious. The Russian leadership will all the more fight when they are subjected to pressure.

The former Prime Minister of Denmark lamented on the sour turn of events in the relationship between the East and the West. He said that the annexation of Crimea to Russia has proven that the nation is more dangerous than ever.
The tension in the East and the West puts the different nations in a very dangerous ordeal which could lead to a series of catastrophic consequences.