The Growing Interest On Healthy Food Variants At Events

Event planners have the option of Tradies as a spectacular venue for dining, celebrations, sports and many more. While selection of a proper venue is one of the challenging parts of event planning, another factor that is being seriously considered is how to spruce up the menu for upcoming events.

According to recent studies, people are now more interested in plant-based meals, clean eating and foods that are free from gluten. In order to adapt to different client preferences, event planners have to keep an eye on the current trends in the world of food. Some surprises may come up that can be shared with clients.

According to the International Food Information Council (IFIC) the present trend is towards healthy food variants. Meanwhile, the 2019 Food and Health Survey revealed that there was an increase in plant-based diets. Less than a third of the respondents are interested in vegan diets while 30% prefer limited amounts of meat, eggs and dairy.

While some diets are trendier and healthier than others, it is clear that a certain segment of consumers prefer to adapt a certain kind of diet. They prefer diets that align with their personal values and habits. These preferences can result to challenges that event planners must overcome. In event planning, they have to take into account different requests.

In the 2017 report of IACC, a meeting industry group, the most typical requests among attendees include gluten-free and vegetarian meals. Respondents that included meeting planners and culinary experts said that most of the requests that they have received from attendees are gluten-free meals. At least 83% of the respondents received requests for vegan options.

It is very important for event planners to accommodate requests because it will have an effect on perception. Attendees must feel that they are welcome and they will share the good experience with others.

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