The Fate Of Recycled Metals After Body Cremation

After cremation, the remaining ashes are placed inside cremation urns for adults or baby urns but for some there are other remaining materials aside from ashes – metals. These are usual found in the remains of adults who have undergone titanium hip replacement, gold fillings or stainless steel plates. This question is currently the talk of the town as cremation grows more popular.

Karrakatta Crematorium which is based in Perth decided to come up with a solution that will stop these precious metals from being sent to landfills and in a way help various charities in the country.

The program by the company started in 2013 when they transported over 19 tonnes composed of various precious metals. These precious metals are sent to the Netherlands which are then melted and recycled. Through the program, the company was able to raise around $300,000 to fund the treatment of cancer patients.

Peter Deague, the CEO of Metropolitan Cemeteries Board, said that upon hearing the program, he was able to see the metal body parts in a new light. Prior to that, they bury all these metals in a pit somewhere in the cemetery. After which, they decided to dug them all up and these are then transported to OrthoMetals, a Dutch firm which handles more than 1,200 crematoria all over the globe.

The company is the one responsible in separating the precious metals prior to sending to smelters. The spot price is then examined before the payment is given back to the crematorium where it originated.

Mr. Deague said that through the program the Karrakatta was able to earn $40,000 in the first year alone while their most recent shipment raised $180,000.

At the beginning, they did not immediately rush the decision to take part in the said program since they have to look into the legal aspects through a consultation with the State Solicitors office. From there they want to know if they have the legal rights to do so and recycle them.

Families are more than happy to know that despite the fact that they are buying adult or baby urns, the metal remains of their loved ones are helping other people.