The Advantages Of 2015 Technology On Physical Therapy

Individuals who are planning to undertake physical therapy to relieve them of pain and gain a normal state of health must read CynergyPT Blog to help them understand the rehabilitation process. Many people suffer from pain and motion limiting conditions after suffering from an illness or accident that is why they seek the help of physical therapists to regain mobility and coordination.

Marcus Stroman will be on the field throwing baseball to professional batters after suffering from a torn ACL 5 months ago. During pitcher’s fielding practice, Stroman and third baseman Josh Donaldson converged on a bunt. In his eagerness to avoid the larger charging teammate, Stroman planted his foot on a wrong patch of grass. He heard a pop and noticed that his left knee felt empty. For the Jays, this was awful news because stats projected Stroman as the best pitcher on an otherwise weak staff.

Storman worked with two physical therapists with one focusing on his torn ACL and the other on maintaining his overall fitness and preventing his arm from atrophying. Every single possible movement or tasks from single leg squats to dead lifts and dual leg jumps was required by the physical therapists. But not matter how many tests Stroman has to go through, he kept on passing and he was ahead of schedule.

Dr. Robert J. Butler who is the interim doctor of Duke’s Michael W. Krzyzewski Human Performance Laboratory helped in overseeing Stroman’s recovery. He confirmed that Stroman’s fanatical work ethics including his natural healing ability has played critical roles on this recovery. Storman has a positive outlook in life and there is the commitment and desire to recover. However, it is not only his positive attitude and efforts that have helped but the technology 0f 2015.

Stroman wears a harness during his workouts which many people call as Twitter cutups. It is similar to a sports bra but it is actually a wearable sensor to measure the athlete’s movements and the attendant physical loads to be able to track progress and to determine when the intensity has to be eased off. Butler also used the Catapult System to be able to search the right amount of stress to reduce the risks of a setback for Stroman’s 2015 return.