Student Opens Up A Local Branch Of A Painting Company

Hanna Siemazsko has not finished her first year at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst but that did not stop her from opening up her own business, Student Painters.

In the Montclair area, her home, the college student will be operating her own branch of the painting company, Student Painters, this summer. Student Painters is a company that is based out of Michigan and allows college students to be in-charge of regional house painting branches to help them earn money and help them gain an experience in business.

On an upcoming meeting that will be held on May 11, the Montclair Township is set to declare Montclair Student Painters Inc Day through proclamation.

Siemazsko is currently majoring in communication and a minor in art. She said she was looking for a job when she had stumbled on the paid internship opportunity. Her interests in entrepreneurship had helped her apply for the position. The process was not easy but after an extensive interview process, the opportunity to open up a branch was given to her.

Siemazsko said that the insurance, worker’s compensation and the basic business framework will all be provided by Student Painters and her job is to manage the hiring, and task delegation and management. She says that she already has a two-person marketing team and will be interviewing two crews of three painters who are all waiting to be hired. According to her, the staff will made up of local students and that Sherwin Williams paint company will be in-charge of training the painters.

She described the experience as being great and that some of the students who will work for the branch company will use the money for their college education.

Her main motivation for entering the business was to gain business experience and she also said that she will use the money she will earn to help her pay for college. She has been going back from Massachusetts to Montclair to prepare for the summer and she had also admitted that Student Painters has become the biggest challenge she has ever faced and that she hopes she can continue to pursue it.