Solar Panels Installed On Casey Research Station In The Antarctic

In order to obtain the best value from the installation of solar on the Gold Coast, it is important to work with qualified and experienced electricians who can install them according to specifications. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that has no pollutants during generation. Once the solar system is operational, a household enjoys substantial savings in the electricity bill.

Australia maintains four permanent research stations that are occupied by scientists and support staff. One of the research stations is Casey which is located in Vincennes Bay, just outside the Antarctic Circle. In order to pave the way for the research stations to become greener, Casey will be partly powered by solar.

More than 100 solar panels were switched on at the remote Casey Research Station to provide at least 10% of the station’s yearly energy needs. This will reduce the station’s reliance on diesel generators and cut off their emissions. Once the solar system is running, its performance as part of the station’s power grid will be determined.

The first solar power array on the Australian Antarctic research station is one of the largest in the Antarctic. 105 solar panels are expected to provide 30 kW of renewable power to the station’s power grid over summer. The solar panels will boost the station’s capacity during peak hours.

The engineers took 2 months in installing the solar technology on the side wall of the research station’s green store. They had to endure minus 7-degree temperatures and blizzards to install the solar panels that have been designed to capture the low angle of the sun and withstand extreme cold.

According to Doreen McCurdy, supervisor of Casey Station engineering services, the cold temperature was a challenge particularly since the bolts and brackets were small and fiddly and the engineers cannot wear gloves. To keep the hands nimble, the engineers had to wear hand warmers.

The installation of solar on the Gold Coast is different from the Antarctic although installation is beyond simple no matter the location and the weather challenges. Qualified electricians will ensure that the installation is done right to reduce the electricity bills and at the same time minimize carbon footprints.