Shower Door Options For Homeowners

Looking at the current bathroom trends, more and more homeowners are renovating in order to eliminate bathtubs in exchange for walk-in showers. For those who are installing showers for the first time, they will need to decide on the shower enclosure they want as well as the shower door. There are many choices in the market but glass company Economy Glass advices that there are a number of factors that should be considered such as the function, the size of the space and the bathroom layout. The type of shower door and enclosure will greatly depend on the available bathroom space you have.

For shower enclosures, there are three types to choose from – frameless, semi-frameless and framed. Frameless enclosures are often custom-made which is recommended if you want your design to be as flexible as possible. The shower size will determine if the enclosure will have hinges or header. With frameless design, the bathroom space looks cleaner with a modern vibe.

Semi-frameless means there is metal frame in the structure except for the door. The glass will still be in the center of view giving your bathroom a modern look.

Framed enclosure and framed door means that there is a metal frame surrounding the shower installation. The frame provides added security to the glass. If you have limited budget, this is recommended because it is the cheapest option. Frame comes in various colors and finishing providing accent to your bathroom.

For the door type, there is sliding glass and hinged or pivot glass doors. For small shower space, sliding glass door is recommended because it takes up very little space. It is composed of two panels which are hanging on a header while there is a bottom track for sliding.

Hinged or pivot glass doors can swing open thus the shower must have ample space so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic. You can choose the finishing of the hinges to match other fixtures in the bathroom.

No matter what type you choose, it is important to hire reputable glass companies such as Economy Glass to do the installation. Proper installation is important to avoid accidents in shower glass.