Sex Workers Disappointed With Government In Canada

A decade ago, Vancouver has been plagued with cases of sex workers disappearing and getting murdered. These eventually turned into cold cases with no hope of being solved. The sex industry used to be a scary field in Canada but now things are changing as no there is no more news of sex workers getting murdered in almost ten years. The government of Australia, on the other hand, put into place policies that protect cheap escorts in Sydney and elite sex workers.

According to B.C. Coalition of Experiential Communities’ director, Susan Davis, the journey was not easy to get where they are. She used to be a sex worker as well and her career lasted for 30 years in Vancouver.

The changes started in 2012 when the police in Vancouver where given a new policing strategy which completely changes how they handle sex workers and the industry of sex trade as a whole. The new strategy was led by the commission of inquiry after the case of a sex worker and her diary were revealed to the public.

The new guidelines indicate that the police should use discretion when handing complaints about prostitutions and sex work is no longer viewed as a criminal activity. Davis said that it has been many years since the last sex worker was arrested in the streets of Vancouver. The strategy is not perfect yet but it has proven to be a success.

While Vancouver is doing well on its own, the same cannot be said with the entire Canada because the police are still not following the laws mandated by the government of Canada and the scenario is far more different as you look at the Metro Vancouver and the rest of the country.

All over Canada, there are many sex workers faced with charges because of what they do and even their clients have become a target for the police force as well. People who are working in the trade, as a result, are denied with a safe environment to work in. They are now calling to the government to give them attention like cheap escorts in Sydney who are given the rights to work without having to worry about being arrested or worse, murdered.