Second Site Picked For Middlesbrough Council’s House Building

MHomes, the housing company in charge of the house building project in Middlesbrough, said that the council has already chosen the site for which the second phase of the project will be constructed. This means additional homes wherein they need to hire a company that will handle effective heating Middlesbrough to make sure the residents are warm every winter season.

The councilors said that the decision in choosing the second site was based on the needs of the people who will be living in the houses. MHomes’ second project is to construct 35 bungalows within the plot of land located in Kirkham Row which is in Beechwood. The site is situated at the back of the Swerve table tennis facility.

The properties to be built will have their own separate gardens and the whole area will undergo landscaping in order to have grassed areas for communal use.

The executive member of Middlesbrough Council in charge of economic development and infrastructure, Cllr Lewis Young, said that the construction of the bungalows is just one of the examples of MHomes methods in delivering its slogan – for people, not profit.

He added that the main reason why they organized the housing project is to construct homes that will be beneficial for the general public. They do not follow the same purpose that private developers follow when seeing a plot of land. Their main goal is to maximize the number of homes that can be built while MHomes focuses on the need of the population.

For that specific plot of land, they have determined that bungalows would be the most ideal type of home to build. If they were after the profit, they could easily build other types such as apartment or family homes but since they are aiming for a more affordable option then bungalow-style is chosen.

It was already confirmed that 100 homes will be constructed by MHomes in lands owned by the council in a span of two years. Through this project, resident will be able to afford low-cost housing options and hire firms for effective heating Middlesbrough without worrying about all the expenses.