Roads Damaged After Cyclone Debbie Almost Done With Repair

One of the most common complaints heard by a mechanic on the Gold Coast is the condition of the roads in the state. Two years ago, the Sunshine State met a devastating natural calamity called Cyclone Debbie which resulted to damage in many of the roads around the state. Ever since, repair works have been carried out.

According to data, Debbie left a lot of devastation in the state which amounted to $2.4 billion worth of damage all over Queensland. It struck the coast close to the Airlie Beach on March of 2017.

Mark Bailey, the transport and main roads minister, said that the workers have been devoting a lot of time in the last two years to make sure that repair works will be completed. They were tasked to repair 81 structures, 243 earthworks as well as batter locations and the roads that were damaged span a total of 6.2 kilometres in the southern part of the coast.

Mr. Bailey said that the damage caused by Cyclone Debbie reached far and wide and impacted many communities for the longest time. The agency is happy to announce that on the second year after the incident, the final sites that suffered damages are almost completed.

Over 4,500 pieces of soil nails with different length between two meters and 12 meters were used to make the slope found along Gold Coast and Springbrook Road stable again. They also had to use around 360,000 liters of grout for the repair.

Mr. Bailey revealed that this part of the road suffered the biggest damage which is why workers needed to be careful during the repair and the methods used need to be strategic to ensure it survives.

He also shared that, in order for them to tackle the complex nature of the repair, they had to hire professionals from the structural and geotechnical field. Investigations are carried out before they can start with the repair works. As the roads are almost back to normal, mechanic on the Gold Coast are hoping the woes of the motorists will soon lessen as things will resume its usual operations.