Reusing Building Materials For New Projects

The job of a junk removal company like Earthwise Hauling is to get rid of junk. Stuff that is being thrown away need not head to the landfill. Junk can be reduced, reused, repurposed and recycled. People usually have unwanted items like scrap metal, wood scraps from construction and reclaimed materials from a demolished building which can be recycled.

Different materials can be reclaimed from a demolished building from bricks to steel sections, timbers, window frames, tiles and door handles. According to the 2014 waste house project with the University of Brighton, more than 85% of waste material can be used by a household, construction site or even a whole building.

Architects in Europe are the leaders when it comes it material reclamation. In 2016, Belgian studio Samyn and Partners were able to complete Brussels’ EU headquarters using 3,750 recycled wooden frames from demolition sites across Europe to construct a large glass atrium enclosing a lantern-like structure with a transparent façade.

In Copenhagen, pioneering Lendager Group’s 92-home Resource homes was built from recycled construction materials. The project’s core architectural idea is to upscale buildings with a façade using patchwork of panels of recycled brick wood. The brick wood was prefabricated from cut-out segments of old brick walls including their mortar. Other construction elements are taken from recycled materials like exterior wood from crates for the window frames, terraces and decking. Recycled glass was used to create greenhouses.

Rotor Deconstruction that specializes in deconstruction and reconstruction has facilitated the reuse of building components. Their work includes unbolting the façade of a 20-year old skyscraper at the Brussels World Trade Centre to extract components like lighting fixtures, partitions, radiator covers, hardware and marble floors. While it certainly slowed down the demolition process, many of the products were sold making it a very profitable endeavour.

Construction debris from a renovation project cannot be disposed of in dumpsters. A better option is to call Earthwise Hauling that is a state licensed debris removal company. Full service removal of all construction debris from wood, tiles, drywall, insulation, steel, wiring, flooring, windows, bricks, concrete, asphalt, dirt and other types of materials  is offered including the handling of recycling, legalities, taxes and fees.