Responsive Web Design And The Advantages That Come With It

Responsive web design has quickly become one of the most important approaches to the rapid increase of mobile devices. Before, designers only had to face the problem of maintaining the same look of their websites but the rise of smartphones and tablets have greatly changed the perspective of the world of web design. The importance of responsive web design revolves on the differences between desktops and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets when it comes to interaction on websites.

For those who don’t know what responsive design is; it is basically the approach that enables a website to respond to the device it is being accessed from and readjust itself in order to provide maximum user experience. Responsive design ensures that all the elements of the website are readjusted to meet the needs of the accessing devices.

Here are the top advantages of using responsive design:

  1. It is very flexible. Since there is now an increasing amount of devices where the Internet and websites in general, can be accessed from, responsive design enables websites to become flexible to any device. Responsive websites are described as more fluid in terms content movement in varying screen resolutions.
  2. It provides excellent user experience. It is true that content is the primary motivator and convincer of potential clients but it is also safe to say that navigation plays a great role in keeping visitors long enough for them to be convinced by the content. Responsive design allowed for enhanced user experience which is important to help keep visitors going.
  3. It is cost effective. Back then, a company must make two separate websites in order to cater to both regular online and mobile audiences. Maintaining two separate websites can be quite costly that is why responsive websites are a better alternative, because they are able to adapt to the device that accesses them.
  4. It is loved by Google.Google greatly recommends the use of responsive design because they allow the Internet giant to go through content much easier and that it is also easier to share and provides better user experience, a factor which now Google uses to rank websites.

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